Listen! Listen carefully, for you may never hear it again. Listen, to the sway of the trees, to the sound of the breeze as it gradually swims into the force of a wind. Listen, as it burts open, shut up windows in lonely homes and swirls up dusts from left behind furnitures. Listen!, then open […]

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Vertigo Blue

In a parrallel universe, where resides my ‘alter-persona’ Everything works there. Everything!. There’s no spirraling, tumbling and crashing down from uneven spaces mentally. There, i kiss the ones who i like, and who like me back. There, i am crowned in jewels fit for gods. There, no silent voices- fear, doubt, despair manage to creep […]

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By a Grot

Here lies, these unpaved trails that holds those untold tales, Of those hateful regions where recount these faithful religions, That quenched those mad smiles leading to these sad eyes you see, In those hazy days which urged these crazy ways, That these sing-song chant of theirs fuelled these high-strung rants of mine, Engaging in those […]

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Love Forever More❤

I shall tell a tale of a wandering lost soul. I, Sage, a name of mine, of a time so long ago, Lost in this new era, in a time I am yet to understand, for I am an old lost soul wandering in a time, not of mine. Why?. Love. That endless emphatic form […]

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The Apotheosis of Malik Adar

‘Here lies the body of a young heir. Inheritance, not of gold or of title, an inheritance but of a gift through blood’. This is a tale I must tell, a tale of rebirth, sworn to secrecy by those who guard its truth, and for you who seek the truth, you must swear as the […]

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BASM (Fairytale )

A story I Will tell , A story lost in time, Intwined in history, A story for your ears only ..if you promise not to tell. Once upon a time when the stars were close and the earth was young. The Council of Faith ruled the earth and spawned Laws that set power upon classes […]

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Diary Of A Depressed Mind

So what?…what is the escape route that I need to get out of this dark pool I dragged myself into, Entangled in the depth of this goreness unable to breathe, Everyday I find myself in chains and it gets tighter and so the pain is unbearable. My tears drop from my eyes like it is […]

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I sat wearing nothing at all, and looked over my shoulder, into those clear blue eyes,which were just like the first time God created day… I could see perfection staring right back at me and knew it was just like the prophecy… Angels who gave up their wings to become humans, casted aside by the […]